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LED Tunnel Light Fixtures

Roadway and tunnel lighting

Roadway and Tunnel LED Lighting ,IP65 Outdoor LED Tunnel Light Fixtures

100% of the manufacturer,Buying from Manufacturer 80w-280w LED Tunnel Light 3 years warranty

  • Internal Meanwell power for direct connection with 95~295VAC
  • Made with retrofit aluminum,steel screws,strong and durable.
  • Chips are High brightness Bridgelux which achieve over 100Lm/W
  • Owns better heat dissipation system by using the THICKEST extruded aluminum
  • No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam
  • It has a wide light out beam angle 120degree
  • 100degre adjustable back fixed U frame
  • High diffusing efficiency up 91%
  • Prewired to 1.0m flex wires
  • IP65,ideal for outdoor use
  • 3 years warranty



I tem No. Power (W) LED Type Luminous Flux(lm) CCT(K) CRI Beam Angle Lifespan (Hrs) Input Voltage Replacement
LSTUL569-80W-B 88W 2*40W COB Bridgelux 8240Lm(6000K) Warm White
Natural white
Cool White
> 75 120° > 35,000Hours 85~295VAC 250W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL569-100W-B 112W 2*50W COB Bridgelux 9700Lm (6000K ) 300W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL569-120W-B 132W 2*60W COB Bridgelux 10300Lm (6500K) 400W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL569-140W-B 156W 2*70W COB Bridgelux 13300Lm (6500K) 450W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL920-120W-B 132W 4*30W COB Bridgelux 11440Lm (6500K) 400W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL920-160W-B 170W 4*40W COB Bridgelux 16840Lm (6500K) 500W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL920-200W-B 216W 4*50W COB Bridgelux 19000Lm (6500K) 600W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL920-240W-B 260W 4*60W COB Bridgelux 22000Lm (6500K) 800W Matel Halide Light / HPS
LSTUL920-280W-B 280W 4*70W COB Bridgelux 26400Lm (6500K) 1000W Matel Halide Light / HPS