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LED Street Module Light Fixtures

led road module luminaires DLC IP65

IP65 LED Street & Road Module luminaires  - Roadway & Street Lighting LED Retrofit Light Fixtures

100% of the manufacturer,Buying from Manufacturer 60w to 210w Module LED Street Lamps 3 years warranty

  • Internal Meanwell power for direct connection with 95~295VAC
  • High diffusing efficiency up 91%
  • Prewired to 0.5m flex and plug, plug is available with standard US,Europe,UK,Asia etc.
  • Made with retrofit aluminum,steel screws,ASA housing,strong and durable.
  • Owns better heat dissipation aluminum system
  • Each module can be replaced separately and easy for installation it's costefficiently.
  • Both arm and module has adjustable beam angle of 6°
  • No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.
  • IP65,ideal for outdoor use
  • Chip are High brightness Bridgelux.
  • 3 years warranty



UL led module street luminaires

Incredible 50000 hrs

IP65 waterproof street lights resistance 16 supply design
Degree of protection IP65 Hurricane level 16 resistance Independent power supply design
Using silica gel ring sealing technology, protection grade reaches IP65, completely prevent dust intrusion water don't ooze in heavy storm. Through professional wind tunnel test, the maximum wind speed of 56 m/s, namely hurricane at level 16, no  deformation, no phenomenon such as looseness,it is very strong. Drive power split type design, is not affected by the led lamp body temperature, improve the efficiency of the power, stability and lifespan, and convenient maintenance.
Strong corrosion resistance water design Stainless steel screw fittings
Strong corrosion resistance  Free of dust, water design Stainless steel screw fittings
The shell is through the processing of the lacquer-baking, radiator through anodic oxidation treatment, form a protective layer at the surface greatly improve the corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor harsh conditions. Transparent design of cooling module with the lamp shell, free of dust accumulation and water effects, to ensure the lifespan of lamps and at the same time reduce the cleaning cycle of lamps. Air and water resistance and withstand corrosion of acid, alkali, saline solution suitable for long-term use in various harsh environment