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LED Panel Light Fixtures

LED Panel Ceiling Light

LED Panel Ceiling Light  Fixtures ,Recessed Panel LED Light Fixtures

  • Round LED Panel Light fixtures
  • Square LED Panel Light fixtures
  • Rectangle LED Panel Light fixtures


100% of the manufacturer,Buying from Manufacturer LED Panel Ceiling Light - 3 years warranty.

  • Using high Brightness Lumenmax 3014 SMD chip,unit lumen up to 11~12Lm
  • Equipped with Japan Mitsubishi light guide plate which has a 80% rate of light guide.
  • External isolated constant current driver
  • No extra light diffusing, just be focused on the ground. No black spot or blinking
  • Environment-friendly, no UV or IR radiation, no heating effect and no poison.
  • Isolated constant current driver 30-40V
  • Available running at 85~265VAC
  • IP65,ideal for indoor use
  • Easy installation
  • 3 years warranty


Round &  Square &  Rectangle LED Panel Light

Round LED Panel Light Square LED Panel Light Rectangle LED Panel Light
Watt Size Watt Size Watt Size
7W Dia 145mm / 5.7 inch (hole size 125mm) 12W 200*200mm 20W 150*1200mm
10W Dia 180mm / 7 inch (hole size 160mm) 18W 300*600mm () 48W 300*1500mm ( 1ft*5ft)
12W Dia 200mm / 7.8 inch  (hole size 180mm) 12W / 18W 300*300mm (1ft*1ft) 40W / 48W / 55W / 65W 300*1200mm  (1ft*4ft)
15W Dia 220mm / 8.6 inch (hole size 200mm) 18w / 25w / 36w 300*600mm  (1ft*2ft) 55W / 70W / 75W 600*1200mm  (2ft*4ft)
15W Dia 240mm / 9.4 inch (hole size 220mm) 40W /48W 625*625mm (2ft*2ft) 40W / 48W 300*800mm  (1ft*2.6ft)
15W Dia 300mm / 12 inch  (hole size 280mm) 30W / 36W / 40W / 48W 60W 600*600mm  (2ft*2ft) 48W / 60W 300*1200mm  (1ft*4ft)
50W Dia 600mm / 23(hole size 580mm) ---You Could get all quote from sales@lampshining.com 


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