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DLC Premium UFO High Bay Light

DLC Premium UFO High Bay Light 140Lm/W  CREE 3030  74,000+ hours Lifetime


CREE 3030 UFO LED High Bay Light 140Lm/W 74,000+ hours Lifetime,Luminous efficiency is particularly important when selecting the high bay lighting fixtures. Because the lamp fixture is mounted on a very high ceiling, it is necessary to maximize the luminous efficiency for optimal illumination. With “Lamp Shining” newly developed, designed, and produced “Hurricane” series UFO High Bay Light, which has a CREE 3030 140lm/w ultra-high luminous efficiency and DLC4.2 certification ,which are able to help you save much money. “Hurricane” series heat-dissipation body with Die casting aluminum ADC12 die-casting molding helps transfer heat more evenly. Higher luminous efficiency, better appearance, more stable performance, and more advantageous ex-factory price “Hurricane” series UFO LED HIgh Bay will be widely applied in many LED lighting projects.